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www.informtarget.com – The Target Customer Satisfaction Survey is one of the best department store surveys you can complete. You give them valuable feedback to improve the great services at Target.

To complete the Target Survey go to www.informtarget.com and enter the 4 digit store code and access code printed on your receipt.

You may have also heard about the Target Customer Survey Sweepstakes which offer participants the chance at winning a Grand Prize of $1000 in cash when you complete the Target Customer Satisfaction Survey mentioned above. This does not run all of the time so you need to keep your eye out for when it runs and get your entry in as soon as possible. For more information see the Target Customer Survey Sweepstakes rules.

As with all department store surveys you must be 18 years or older to complete the survey.

Take the Official Survey

6 thoughts on “www.informtarget.com – The Target Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. GeorgiaJodi Schoonover

    I cannot say enough good things about Kevin in Electronics at the Edgewater COLO store! I am a SR lady-64yrs have had several ph providers, but needed to get cheaper $ on fixed low income! KEVIN helped me out w/Consumer Cellular and spent ALOT of time w/ me explaining! (as I am Pleasetechnically changellend 😉 ) Please acknowledge him for his patience & professional, cordial, and personal service! THANK YOU KEVIN!

  2. Joan cronin

    I needed to exchange some makeup but I didn’t have the receipt. The young woman at customer service was very courteous and polite and took the makeup and told me to get the one I really wanted. Got the makeup but then looked at a beach chair. I carried the chair to the customer service and the man, Alexander looked up my previous purchase to check that I had bought the product. He also got me a cart and put the chair in it so I could wheel it out to my car. I had a very nice experience at the Target Store in Pleasant Hill.

    1. RE Wills

      Michael L checked us out today at Target Richardson Tx 75081. We watched him with the customers ahead of us – He was kind, careful, funny & didn’t miss a thing. He even gave us a discount for our bags which everyone forgets. Hurray for you Michael. You made our shopping experience great. Terrific job!

  3. Regina

    My husband and I are frequent shoppers at the Lake Mead Blvd Target store. This is the second time Lisa treated me in a very aggressive and disrespectful manner. I ignored it the first time it happened at a previous visit, but this time I won’t. My first encounter with her was scolding me how I should not be putting the cart beside the area where she put the scan items. She said I should not be parking it there. So where should I park my cart after she scan them? I let it go for the first time. Now, she was rude again. I gave her the gift card I got from target when my husband and I were checking out. She then asked what is that? And I said please add my gift card. She should be familiar with your gift cards because she’s been giving those to people as well when you have promos. And she acted as if she didn’t know what they were. When she started scanning items I started putting them in our our cart to help speed the check out process, and she had left two items not in the plastic bags so I just added them inside the plastic with the other items. She started being aggressive by hitting the area where the plastics are and making a loud sound every time she open plastic bags. Her behavior for years is consistent. She is rude and unwelcoming, making an otherwise good experience turn bad. We didn’t say anything to her because she was acting so odd. She was even rude to the customer who checked out before us. I think you should be questioning whether she is an asset or a liability to your store and your sales there. We don’t deserve to be treated with hostility, nor should anyone else. We spend considerable money at Target every month and expect better treatment during the checkout process.


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